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Tesla Model 3: Sensor - TPMS (Remove and Replace)

 Sensor - TPMS (Remove and Replace)  


  1. Remove the wheel. See Wheel (Remove and Install).
  2. Place the wheel on the tire changer, with the outside of the wheel facing up.
  3. Insert the center clamp.
  4. Tighten the cone on the center clamp.
  5. Remove the valve core, and allow the tire to deflate.
  6. Position the upper bead roller at the edge of the rim.
  7. Rotate the tire to loosen the upper bead. Lubricate the bead as the tire rotates.
  8. Position the upper bead roller approximately 100 mm from the valve stem, and then compress the bead to expose the TPMS sensor.

  Sensor - TPMS (Remove and Replace)

  1. Remove the nut that attaches the TPMS sensor to the wheel, and then remove the TPMS sensor.


  1. Use an IPA wipe to thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the TPMS sensor mounting hole.

  Sensor - TPMS (Remove and Replace)

  1. Install the TPMS sensor so that it fits closely to the wheel.
  2. Install the nut that secures the TPMS sensor to the wheel. Torque 8 Nm
  3. Release the upper bead roller, and allow the bead to seat against the wheel.
  4. Inflate the tire to seat the bead.
  5. Install the valve stem core, and then remove the wheel from the tire changer.
  6. Rebalance the wheel. See Tire - Front - LH (Rebalance).
  7. Program the TPMS sensor ID. See Module - TPMS (Sensor ID Learn).


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