Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Wheel and Tires



 Cap - Wheel (Remove and Replace)

SPECIAL TOOLS Wheel Trim Removal Tool (1044206-00-A) Remove Remove the wheel cap according to the type of wheel. 18 inch pinwheel wheel: See step 2 19 inch stiletto wheel: See step 3

 Wheel (Remove and Install)

Caution: Do not install base wheels onto vehicles with performance brakes, or install performance wheels onto vehicles with base brakes. Base and performance wheels have different offsets to accom


 Serial Numbers

Tesla labels or engraves serial numbers on its parts. Tesla serial numbers are 14 digits and alphanumeric. Tesla serial numbers are encoded. Use this system to decode a Tesla serial number: Digits 1-3 Build Site Code *** = Unique 3 character code assigned by Tesla to

 Sensor - Parking Distance - Front - Each (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the rear underhood apron. See Underhood Apron - Rear (Remove and Replace). Remove the cabin intake duct. See Duct - Cabin Intake (Remove and Replace). Remove the hood latch cover. See Cover - Hood Latch (Remove and Replace). Remove the underhood storage unit. See Underhood S

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