Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Front Drive Unit Assembly


 Bushing - Front Drive Unit - RH (Remove and Replace)

  Remove Remove the front subframe assembly from the vehicle. See Subframe Assembly - Front (Dual Motor) (R

 Drive Unit - Front (Remove and Install)

 Drive Unit - Front - Remove

  SPECIAL TOOLS Tool, Axle Extraction, Model 3 (1133386-00-A)


 USB Hub - Center Console - Front (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the center console. See Center Console (Remove and Install). Disconnect the electrical wiring harness connector from the USB hub. Release the clips that attach the electrical harness to the USB hub. Remove the bolts that attach the USB hub to the center console, and

 Drive Unit - Front - Install

Install   Position the new front drive unit under the gantry, and then install the drive unit sling hooks on the new front drive unit.

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