Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Trunk (Remove and Replace)


 Trunk (Remove and Replace)- Remove

Remove the rear license plate. Remove the trunk lid trim. See Trim - Lid - Trunk (Remove and Replace). Remove the LH and RH rear fog/reverse lights. See Light - Fog / Reverse - Rear - LH (Rem

 Trunk (Remove and Replace)- Install

Install LH RH With assistance, install the trunk to the trunk hinges, and then install the bolts that attach the trunk lid to the trunk hinges. Caution: Install the bolts closest to the bod

 Windshield and Body Glass


 Controlling Lights

Touch Controls > Lights on the touchscreen to control the lights. In addition to the lights that you can control from the touchscreen, Model 3 has convenience lights that operate automatically based on what you are doing. For example, in low ambient lighting conditions, the interior ligh

 Foam - Backrest - Driver Seat (Remove and Replace) - Install

Install Install the driver side airbag into the pocket within the seatback cover. Note: Make sure that the driver side airbag mounting studs extend out of the holes of the pocket. Install the backrest foam down onto the seat back frame, and then install the bottom of the foam into the fram

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