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Tesla Model 3: Charge Port - Manual Release of Cable

Charge Port - Manual Release of Cable



This procedure was derived from pre-production computer models, and might not reflect the real-world situation. Warnings and cautions might be missing. Follow safety requirements and use extreme caution when working on or near high voltage systems and components


  1. Ensure the vehicle is not actively charging.

Warning: Do not perform this procedure while the vehicle is charging.

  1. Open the trunk.

Charge Port - Manual Release of Cable

  1. Pull the tag down through the LH trunk wall opening to release the charging cable from the charge port.
  2. Remove the charging cable from the charge port.

Warning: Do not attempt to remove the charge cable while simultaneously pulling the release cable. Always pull the release cable before attempting to remove the charge cable from the charge port.

  1. Close the trunk.


     Charge Port Voltage Check

     Procedure (Single - Phase)

    SPECIAL TOOLS Insulation Multimeter, Fluke 1507 (NA) (1076921-00-B) Insulation Multime

     Procedure (Three-Phase) (Except China)

    Open the charge port door. Disconnect 12V power. See 12V Power (Disconnect and Connect). Set the insulation multimeter to measure the DC voltage across the 12V auxi


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