Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Naming Your Vehicle

To further personalize Model 3, you can name it. The name of your Model 3 appears in the mobile app. To name your vehicle, touch the Tesla "T" at the top center of the touchscreen, then touch Name Your Vehicle (or touch the vehicle's existing name). Enter the new name in the popup, then touch Save.

Speed Limit Mode

Speed Limit Mode allows you to limit the acceleration and maximum speed - between 50 and 90 mph (80 and 145 km/h) - of your Model 3. This feature is protected by a 4-digit PIN that you create when enabling it for the first time, and which must be entered whenever you want to disable and enable it.

If your Model 3 comes within approximately 3 mph (5 km/h) of the selected maximum speed, a chime sounds and text appears on the touchscreen above the driving speed. Additionally, your mobile app sends you a notification.

To enable Speed Limit Mode:

  1. Ensure the vehicle is in Park.
  2. Touch Controls > Safety & Security > Speed Limit Mode on the touchscreen or CONTROLS in your mobile app.
  3. Select the maximum driving speed that you would like to limit the vehicle to.
  4. Drag the slider to the ON position.
  5.  Enter the 4-digit PIN that you want to use to disable and enable Speed Limit Mode.

Note: If you forget the PIN, you can disable Speed Limit Mode by entering the login credentials for your Tesla Account.

Note: When Speed Limit Mode is enabled, the acceleration setting (Controls > Driving > Acceleration) is automatically set to Chill.

Warning: Driving downhill can increase driving speed, causing the vehicle to exceed your chosen maximum speed.

Warning: Speed Limit Mode is not a replacement for good judgment, driver training, and the need to closely monitor roadway speed limits and driving conditions. Accidents can occur at any speed.

Erasing Personal Data

You can erase all personal data (saved addresses, music favorites, HomeLink programming, etc.) and restore all customized settings to their factory defaults. This is useful when transferring ownership of Model 3. Touch Controls > Service > FACTORY RESET. Before erasing, Model 3 verifies your credentials by prompting you to enter the user name and password associated with your Tesla Account.


     Climate Controls

     Overview of Climate Controls

    Climate controls are always available at the bottom of the touchscreen. To turn the climate control system on, touch the fan icon or adjust the cabin temperature. To turn it off, touch the fan ic

     Adjusting Climate Control Settings

    To override the Auto setting, touch the fan icon, turn off the Auto setting, then use the buttons that appear to manually adjust settings. In addition to the settings shown, if Model 3 is in P


     Drive to Calibrate Cameras

    Model 3 must maneuver with a great deal of precision when Autopilot features are being used. Therefore, before some features (for example, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control or Autosteer) can be used for the first time or after certain Service repairs, the cameras must complete a self-calibration pr

     Charging equipment faultTry different charging equipment(CP_a004)

    The charge port is unable to detect whether a charge cable is inserted or the type of charge cable connected. If this alert appears while a charge cable is connected, it should be determined whether the issue is caused by the charging equipment or the vehicle. Try charging the vehicle using

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