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Tesla Model 3: Navigating

To navigate to a location, touch Navigate, send the destination from your phone, or speak a voice command. You can enter or speak an address, landmark, business, etc. You can also choose a saved Home or Work location and select from a list of recently used locations (the most recent displays at the top of the list), including charging stations you have visited.

Note: To remotely start navigation from your IOS or Android device, use the "share" functionality after giving access to the Tesla mobile app.

When you specify a location, the touchscreen zooms out to provide an overview of the route you need to travel, and, after calculating the route, zooms back in to your starting point and begins to provide instructions. A turn-byturn direction list displays the first navigation instruction and an estimate of total mileage, driving time, and arrival time. To expand the list to show each turn on your navigation route, touch the instruction. Note the following about the turn-by-turn direction list:

  • A battery displays below the destination to provide an estimate of how much battery energy will remain when you reach your destination. Touch to expand battery information to show a round trip estimate back to your starting point.
  • If charging is needed to reach your destination and Trip Planner is enabled (and available in your market region), the navigation route automatically includes Supercharger stops and you may need to touch BEGIN TRIP to initiate navigation.
  • If you won't have enough energy to reach your destination and there is no Supercharger on the route, an alert tells you that charging is needed to reach your destination.
  • Each turn is preceded by the distance to the maneuver.
  • To see the bottom of the list, you may need to drag the list upward.
  • Touch the top of the list again to minimize it.

While navigating, the map tracks your location and displays the current leg of your trip. You can display the entire route at any time.

If Navigate on Autopilot (if available in your market region) is enabled, you can turn it on for the navigation route by touching Navigate on Autopilot in the turn-by-turn direction list.

Navigate on Autopilot is an extension of Autosteer that automatically changes lanes and steers Model 3 onto the appropriate exit(s) when navigating on controlled access roads (such as freeways).

The route overview icon displays
when a navigation route is active.

Touch this icon at any time to view an overview of your navigation route, or to change the orientation of the map, which also zooms the map to show the current leg of your trip.

The black pin at the end of the route line represents your destination.

Mute/unmute navigation volume.

Note: You can also mute the volume of the navigation system by pressing the scroll button on the left side of the steering wheel while navigation instructions are being spoken. A volume control specific to navigation instructions is also available by touching the settings icon on the map

To stop navigating, touch CANCEL, located below the turn-by-turn direction list.

Note: If a data connection is not available, onboard maps allow you to navigate to any location, but you must enter the location's exact and complete address.

Automatic Navigation

Automatic Navigation can predict a destination when you get in your vehicle.

When your phone's calendar is synced to Model 3, and the calendar includes an event that takes place within two hours of when you get in your vehicle to drive, Automatic Navigation suggests the location of the event (assuming a valid address is associated with the event).

In addition, if you are Home and get in your vehicle on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 5:00 AM to 11:00 AM, Automatic Navigation can automatically route you to your specified Work location

Likewise, if you are at work on weekdays from 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM, Automatic Navigation can automatically route you to your specified Home location.

To enable Automatic Navigation, touch Controls > Navigation > Automatic Navigation.

You must have your phone's calendar correctly synced to your vehicle with a uniquely specified and valid address for each event.Your Automatic Navigation settings are saved to your Driver Profile

Note: Navigation instructions that you enter manually, or send to Model 3, override routes suggested by Automatic Navigation.

Note: Availability of this feature depends on market region and vehicle configuration.

I'm Feeling Lucky, Hungry

In addition to navigating to a destination of your choice, Model 3 can also suggest nearby locations based on whether you are feeling Hungry or Lucky. In the navigation search bar, touch Hungry or Lucky. Hungry suggests popular restaurants, whereas Lucky suggests popular destinations (such as museums and amusement parks). For a new suggestion, go back and touch Hungry or Lucky again for different results. When you discover a destination that interests you, touch Navigate to proceed to the destination.

This feature requires the latest version of Navigation maps. To download, connect your vehicle to Wi-Fi and navigate to Controls > Software to check if an update is available

Note: Availability of this feature depends on market region and vehicle configuration.


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