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Tesla Model 3: Subframe Assembly - Front (RWD) (Remove and Install)

Tesla Model 3 2017-2023 Service Manual / Chassis / Subframe Assembly - Front (RWD) (Remove and Install)


 Subframe Assembly - Front (RWD) - Remove

SPECIAL TOOLS Tool, Axle Extraction, Model 3 (1133386-00-A) Fixture, Subframe, Model 3 (1099645-00-C) OTC Lift, 1,650LB Powertrain Table (1066521-00-A) Lifting Sling, Drive Unit, Model 3 (NA, APAC)

 Subframe Assembly - Front (RWD) - Install

Install Position the subframe lifting tool against the front subframe, and then attach the straps (x3) to the subframe. Note: Make sure to align the two subframe lifting tool guides with the fro

 Subframe Assembly - Front (RWD) (Remove and Replace)

Caution: Vehicles built before March 25th, 2019 have 1st generation front subframes. Vehicles built on March 25th, 2019 and after have 2nd generation front subframes. When a 1st generation subfra


 Sensor - Relative Humidity and Temperature (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the lower quad camera cover. See Quad Camera Cover - Lower (Remove and Replace). Remove the rear view mirror. See Mirror - Rear View (Remove and Replace). Remove the forward facing camera. See Camera - Forward Facing (Remove and Replace). Disconnect the electrical co

 Seat Back - 2nd Row - RH (Remove and Install)

Remove Remove the 2nd row lower seat cushion. See Seat Cushion - Lower - 2nd Row (Remove and Replace). Remove the RH 2nd row seat side bolster. See Bolster - Side - Seat - 2nd Row - LH (Remove and Replace). Release the clips that attach the bolster bracket, and the remove the bracket fr

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