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Tesla Model 3: Subframe Assembly - Rear (Remove and Replace)

Tesla Model 3 2017-2023 Service Manual / Chassis / Subframe Assembly - Rear (Remove and Replace)


 Subframe Assembly - Rear - Remove

SPECIAL TOOLS Fixture, Subframe, Model 3 (1099645-00-B) Lifting Sling, Drive Unit, Model 3 (NA, APAC) (1130279-00-A) Adapter, Subframe, Body Shop, Model 3 (1130481-00-A) Tool, Hub Puller, Hydraulic

 Subframe Assembly - Rear - Install

Install With an assistant, install the new rear subframe onto the subframe lifting tool, and then attach the straps. Top view of the rear subframe Install the clips that attach the electrical



 Data Sharing

For quality assurance and to support the continuous improvement of advanced features such as Autopilot, Tesla measures road segment data of all participating vehicles. All Tesla vehicles can learn from the experience of the billions of miles that Tesla vehicles have driven. Although Tesla shar

 Window Regulator - Rear - LH (Recalibrate)

Connect a laptop with Toolbox to the vehicle. In Toolbox, select the connection status icon at the top right corner, and then select Connect Locally. Get into the driver seat, and then close the door. In Toolbox, type window in the search field. Note: Make sure that "Actions" is selected, if

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