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Tesla Model 3: Window Regulator - Rear - LH (Recalibrate)

Tesla Model 3 2017-2023 Service Manual / Closures / Door Glass and Regulators / Window Regulator - Rear - LH (Recalibrate)

  1. Connect a laptop with Toolbox to the vehicle.
  2. In Toolbox, select the connection status icon at the top right corner, and then select Connect Locally.
  3. Get into the driver seat, and then close the door.
  4. In Toolbox, type window in the search field.

Note: Make sure that "Actions" is selected, if not already.

  1. In Toolbox, click the play button next to the "TESTSELF_ VCLEFT_REAR-L_CALIBRATE-WINDOW", and then click Run.

Note: When selecting this function in Toolbox, the LH rear window rolls up, and then it rolls down

  1. Press the LH rear window switch down to the second position to activate the auto-lower function, and then raise the window completely to active the auto-raise function.

Note: If the LH rear window does not lower completely, repeat steps 3 through 5

  1. Remove the laptop from the vehicle.


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