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Tesla Model 3: Door - Rear - LH (Install)

Door - Rear - LH (Install)

  1. Make sure that the upper bolt for each door hinge is installed, and the bolt head extends approximately 10 mm from flush.

Door - Rear - LH (Install)

  1. With assistance, lower the rear LH door onto the door hinges, and engage the upper bolts into the hinges.

Door - Rear - LH (Install)

  1. Install the lower bolt of each hinge into the door and hand-tighten all bolts.

Door - Rear - LH (Install)

  1. Position the door so that the hinges line up with the dry-erase marker lines or the marking tape.

Door - Rear - LH (Install)

  1. Tighten the hinge bolts. Torque 24 Nm

Door - Rear - LH (Install) 

  1. Install the bolt that attaches the door check to the B-pillar. Torque 24 Nm

Door - Rear - LH (Install)

  1. Connect the rear LH door wiring harness and press the harness against the inside of the rear LH door.
  2. Open the front LH door and close the rear LH door.

Door - Rear - LH (Install)

  1. Move the rear LH door electrical harness connector into the hole in the B-pillar, press the rear LH door wiring harness seal into the B-pillar, and fasten the clips (x4) that attach the seal to the B-pillar bulkhead.

Note: Make sure that the rear LH door wiring harness seal fits tightly against the B-pillar bulkhead.

  1. Raise the rear LH window, remove the shop towel from the rear LH door striker, and close both LH doors.


     Door - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace)

     Door - Rear - LH (Remove )

    Remove Open the rear LH door, pass a shop towel halfway through the striker, and then close the door so that it rests against the shop towel. Remove the rear LH door glass. Remove the LH rear

     Door - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace)- Install

    Install Install a new secondary door seal on the replacement door. See Seal - Secondary - Rear Door - LH (Remove and Replace). Make sure that the upper bolt for each door hinge is installed,


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