Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: License Plate Mountings


 Bracket - License Plate - Front (EMEA) (Retrofit using Jig)

SPECIAL TOOLS Front license plate bracket jig, Model 3, EMEA (1496772-00-A ) Procedure Clean the front center surface of the front fascia with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) wipe, and then allow surfa

 Bracket - License Plate - Front (EMEA) (Retrofit using Template)

Procedure Clean the front center surface of the front fascia. Align the template with the parking sensors, and then use masking tape to hold the template in place. LH side shown, RH s

 Bracket - License Plate - Front (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the screws that attach the front license plate to the front license plate bracket, and then remove the license plate. Use a trim tool around the perimeter of the front li


 Seal - Body - Side - Rear - Primary - LH (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the LH B-pillar applique. See Applique - B-Pillar - LH (Remove and Replace). Release the clips (x3) that attach the rear LH primary body seal to the mid B-pillar, the upper B-pillar, and the mid C-pillar. Pull on the seal to remove it from the body. Install Loosely

 Windshield (Remove and Install)- Windshield Preparation

Windshield Preparation Use a razor blade and a blade scraper to remove the old urethane from the windshield flange on the vehicle. Install the GPS antenna into the windshield bracket, and then install the screw that attaches the GPS antenna to the bracket.   Torque 1 Nm Insta

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