Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Overview

The touchscreen displays a map at all times.

To move the map in any direction, hold and drag a finger. To rotate the map in any direction, hold and turn two fingers.

To set the map's orientation, touch the icon in the top right corner of the map:

North Up - North is always at the
top of the screen.

Heading Up - The direction you
are driving is always at the top of the screen. The map rotates as you change direction. This icon has an integrated compass that indicates the direction you are driving.

Note: When navigating, this icon also allows you to view the route overview view and guide you by displaying the current portion of your navigation route

When you rotate or move the map, your current location is no longer tracked. The message "Tracking Disabled" displays briefly next to the map orientation icon and the icon turns gray. To re-enable tracking, touch the map's orientation icon to choose North Up or Heading Up.

Touch the + and - icons to zoom the map in and out on your current or chosen location.

When you zoom in or out using these icons, tracking remains enabled.

Touch the following icons to customize what the map displays and to access navigation settings:

Note: These icons disappear after a few seconds when not in use. Touch anywhere on the map to re-display them.

Display/hide satellite imagery (if
equipped with premium connectivity).

Display/hide traffic conditions (if
equipped with premium connectivity). Green lines indicate no traffic; orange lines indicate light traffic; red lines indicate moderate traffic; and pink lines indicate heavy traffic. To ensure traffic is easy to identify along a navigation route, green traffic lines display under the blue route line, whereas orange, red, and pink traffic lines display on top of the blue route line.

Display/hide all charging
locations and a popup list that includes the city and proximity of the corresponding stations on the map.

Charging locations include Tesla Superchargers, destination chargers, and public chargers that you have used previously

Note: Superchargers are always displayed on the map, even when charging locations are not displayed.

Increase or decrease the volume
of spoken navigation instructions by touching - or +, respectively.

Decreasing all the way to the left mutes the instructions. You can also mute navigation instructions when a navigation route is active by touching the volume icon on the turn-by-turn direction list.

Customize how the navigation system works by adjusting these settings (the available settings vary depending on your market region and vehicle configuration):

  • Touch Trip Planner to minimize the time you spend driving and charging
  • Touch Online Routing to be automatically rerouted to avoid heavy traffic
  • Touch Avoid Ferries to be automatically routed to avoid ferries.
  • Touch Avoid Tolls to be automatically routed to avoid tolls.
  • Touch Use HOV Lanes to include High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes on navigation routes. This is particularly useful when using Navigate on Autopilot, if equipped

Note: You can also access the above navigation settings by touching Controls > Navigation.

Note: The volume setting applies only to the navigation system's spoken instructions. Volume for Media Player and Phone remains unchanged.

Drop a pin by pressing and holding your finger anywhere on the map. When you drop a pin, or touch an existing pin, the chosen location is centered on the map, and a popup window provides information about the location. From this popup, you can navigate to the location, call the location (if a phone number is available) and add or remove the location from your list of favorite destinations



    To navigate to a location, touch Navigate, send the destination from your phone, or speak a voice command. You can enter or speak an address, landmark, business, etc. You can also choose a saved H

     Charging Locations

    Supercharger locations always display on the map, represented by red pins that you can touch to display more information, navigate to it, or mark it as a favorite. The pin itself reveals informati

     Online Routing

    Model 3 detects real-time traffic conditions and automatically adjusts the estimated driving and arrival times based on traffic. In situations where traffic conditions will delay your estimated ti


     Sensor - Wheel Speed - ABS - Front - LH (Remove and Replace)

      Remove Remove the front LH wheel. See Wheel (Remove and Install). Remove the front LH wheel arch liner. See Wheel Arch Liner - Front - LH (Remove and Replace).

     Brake Caliper - Front - LH (Remove and Replace)

    SPECIAL TOOLS Skt, 1/2" Dr, E18 Torx (1133187-00-A) Skt, 1/2" Dr, E18 Torx (1133187-XX-A & -01-A) Remove Note: This procedure is applicable to both Model 3 base and sport

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