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Tesla Model 3: Lane Departure Avoidance

Depending on your vehicle's configuration, this feature may not be available.

Lane Departure Avoidance provides steering interventions if Model 3 drifts into (or close to) an adjacent lane when driving between 40 and 90 mph (64 and 145 km/h) on major roadways with clearly visible lane markings.

Touch Controls > Autopilot > Lane Departure Avoidance and choose:

  • OFF: You are not warned of lane departures or potential collisions with a vehicle in an adjacent lane.
  •  WARNING: The steering wheel vibrates if a front wheel passes over a lane marking while the associated turn signal is off. A visual warning on the touchscreen is also displayed.
  •  ASSIST: In addition to the steering wheel vibration and a visual warning, Model 3 attempts to steer to a safer position in its driving lane if the vehicle detects drifting or a potential collision while the associated turn signal is off.

Your setting is retained until you manually change it.

When Lane Departure Avoidance detects drifting and applies a steering intervention, the designated lane line is highlighted in blue on the touchscreen.

Note: Lane Departure Avoidance is intended to help keep you safe, but it does not work in every situation and does not replace the need to remain attentive and in control.

Warning: Keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times. If the vehicle senses your hands are not on the steering wheel, Model 3 sounds a chime and the hazard warning lights flash.

Warning: Steering interventions are minimal and are not designed to move Model 3 out of its driving lane. Do not rely on steering interventions to avoid side collisions.

Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance

Depending on your vehicle's configuration, this feature may not be available.

For emergency situations, Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance attempts to prevent a potential collision with a vehicle in an adjacent lane by steering Model 3 back into your driving lane when traveling between 40 and 90 mph (64 and 145 km/h). This operates if the cameras can detect the edge of the lane, such as a lane line or curb. When this steering intervention is applied, you will hear a chime and the touchscreen displays a warning while highlighting the lane line red until Model 3 returns to the driving lane. To turn on or off, touch Controls > Autopilot > Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance.

Blind Spot Collision Warning Chime

If you want a chime to sound when a vehicle is in your blind spot and possible collision is detected, touch Controls > Autopilot > Blind Spot Collision Warning Chime.

Warning: Blind Spot Collision Warning Chime cannot detect every collision. It is the driver's responsibility to remain alert and check their blind spots.


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