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Tesla Model 3: Scheduled Charging and Scheduled Departure

Tesla Model 3 2017-2024 Owner's Manual / Charging / Charging Instructions / Scheduled Charging and Scheduled Departure

There are two ways in which you can schedule your vehicle's charging:

  • Scheduled Charging: When you set a scheduled charging time, Model 3 displays the set time to begin charging when you are parked at the scheduled location. If, at the scheduled time, Model 3 is not plugged in at the location, charging starts as soon as you plug it in, provided you plug it in within six hours of the scheduled time. If plugged in after six hours, charging does not start until the scheduled time on the next day. To override this setting, touch Start Charging or Stop Charging.
  • Scheduled Departure: For any location, such as Home, you can simply plug in Model 3 and select a time for when you want your vehicle to be ready to drive.

    Once your specified time is set, Model 3 prepares itself by determining the best time to start charging to optimize energy costs, Battery longevity, and ensure charging completes in time for your drive.

    Your vehicle also preconditions the cabin to a comfortable temperature and warms the Battery. To set up a scheduled departure time, go to Charging > Scheduled Departure > Schedule and follow the onscreen instructions to customize your schedule.

Scheduled Charging is best used to determine when your vehicle should start charging; Scheduled Departure is best used to determine when charging should complete for your drive.

Note: Your vehicle aims to finish charging before 6am (end of off-peak hours). If given sufficient time to charge, charging may stop at 6am, even if your scheduled departure is later.

The vehicle warms the Battery and preconditions the cabin shortly before your scheduled departure time. If the vehicle does not have enough time to complete charging before 6am, it will continue to charge until it reaches the target Battery percentage.

Note: If your vehicle is not plugged into a charger, Scheduled departure will not precondition the cabin or battery.

Supercharger Usage Fees and Idle Fees

When charging using a Tesla supercharger, SUPERCHARGING information displays at the bottom of the charging screen. This information includes the location, the time that charging started, and an estimate of how much the session will cost. When you stop supercharging, the estimated cost of that session displays until a new supercharging session begins.

Note: Estimated pricing is displayed for your convenience only and may not reflect the actual final price you will be charged for that supercharging session. Final pricing for supercharging sessions can be found in your Tesla Account.

When charging at a Tesla supercharger, you are subject to idle fees. Idle fees are designed to encourage drivers to move their vehicle from the Supercharger when charging is complete. Idle fees are in effect only when half or more of the Superchargers at a site are occupied. The Tesla mobile app notifies you when charging nears completion, and again when charging is complete. Additional notifications are sent if idle fees are incurred.

Idle fees are waived if you move your vehicle within five minutes of charging completion.

Log into your Tesla Account to view fees and details about Supercharger sessions, set up a payment method, and make payments. Once a payment method is saved, fees are automatically paid from your account.



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