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Tesla Model 3: Front Suspension (Including Hubs)

Tesla Model 3 2017-2024 Service Manual / Suspension / Front Suspension (Including Hubs)


 Front Upper Control Arm (FUCA) Mount - LH (Remove and Replace)

 Front Upper Control Arm (FUCA) Mount - LH - Remove

SPECIAL TOOLS Tool, FUCA Ride Height, Model 3 (1450399-00-A) Remove Raise and support the vehicle. See Raise Vehicle - 2 Post Lift. Remove the LH front wheel. See Wheel (Remove and Install). R

 Front Upper Control Arm (FUCA) Mount - LH - Install

Install Install the front upper control arm mount onto the LH front spring and damper assembly, and then install the nuts that attach the mount to the damper assembly. Torque 23 Nm Ins


 Battery - 12V (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the 2nd row lower seat cushion. See Seat Cushion - Lower - 2nd Row (Remove and Replace). Remove the rear underhood apron. See Underhood Apron - Rear (Remove and Replace). Remove the cabin intake duct. See Duct - Cabin Intake (Remove and Replace). Disconnect 12V power. See 12

 Knuckle - Suspension - Rear - LH - Install

Install Position the LH rear suspension knuckle on the rear suspension.   Hand-tighten the bolt and nut that attach the LH rear aft

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