Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Cooling System


 5-Way Valve (Remove and Replace)

 5-Way Valve- Remove

SPECIAL TOOLS Wrench, Diverter Valve, Model 3 (1447556-00-A) Remove Remove the 5-way valve actuator. See Actuator - 5-Way Valve (RWD) (Remove and Replace). Release the clip that attaches th

 5-Way Valve - Install

Install Install new O-rings onto the 5-way valve cover. Note: Align notches in the o-rings with the ribs in the 5-way valve cover. Examine the end the of the 5-way valve stem shell shaft. One sh


 Interior Overview & Exterior Overview

Interior Overview   Door open button High beams, turn signals and wipers and washers Horn Gear selector, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and Autosteer Touchscreen Driver dome light Cabin camera Hazard warning flashers Passenger dome light Clim

 HV Battery (RWD) - Install

Install Perform step 11 through step 26 of the penthouse air leak test on the HV battery. See Penthouse Air Leak Test. Hand-tighten the adjustable elements (x4) on the penthouse cover counter-clockwise so that they are fully engaged. Caution: Hand-tighten only. Install a new HV batt

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