Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Cooling System


 5-Way Valve (Remove and Replace)

 5-Way Valve- Remove

SPECIAL TOOLS Wrench, Diverter Valve, Model 3 (1447556-00-A) Remove Remove the 5-way valve actuator. See Actuator - 5-Way Valve (RWD) (Remove and Replace). Release the clip that attaches th

 5-Way Valve - Install

Install Install new O-rings onto the 5-way valve cover. Note: Align notches in the o-rings with the ribs in the 5-way valve cover. Examine the end the of the 5-way valve stem shell shaft. One sh


 Module - Body Controller - LH - Install

Install Install the clip that attach the shroud to the LH body controller module. Note: Make sure that both clips are fully seated so that the edge of the shroud is parallel with the line on the back of the LH body controller module. Maneuver the LH body controller module into position unde

 Tuner - FM / HD (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the RH side rail trim. See Trim - Side Rail - LH (Remove and Replace). Disconnect the backlight electrical connector from the tuner. Disconnect the electrical connectors from the front of the tuner. Disconnect the electrical connector from the rear of the tuner.

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