Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Electrical


 12V Battery and Fuses

 12V Power (Disconnect and Connect)

 12V Power- Disconnect

SPECIAL TOOLS Cap, Logic Conn, Inv, 3DU (1108272-00-B) Warning: This procedure disables 12V power, but does not verify that high voltage power is no longer available to high voltage components (PTC


 Trim - Sill - Trunk (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the trunk floor trim. See Trim - Floor - Trunk (Remove and Replace). Release the clips that attach the trunk sill trim to the body. Tip: Pull the corner of the trunk sill trim upwards to release the corner clip, and then release the remaining clips. Remove the tru

 Wiper Blades (Adjust)

SPECIAL TOOLS Adjustment Using the touchscreen, put the wipers in "Service Mode". Clean the wiper blades and the windshield thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol wipes, or equivalent. Spray the windshield with the washer jets. Cycle the wipers on high speed, and then inspect the cleaning patt

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